Brennan Haelig


Brennan Haelig is an entrepreneur and expert marketer with a knack for connecting the dots between ideas and execution. 

As a natural-born project manager, he feels most at home working with fellow entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. Having what he calls "a business education and a street-smarts mindset", Brennan goes above and beyond for his clients to get the job done. 

Through pure grit, he became an expert on all things business management, systems, and marketing. He slowly started taking on more clients, helping them grow their business through strategic marketing and paid ad strategies. Now, as the resident social media and advertising expert at Scotify Studios, he helps his clients build sales funnels and scale their online revenue to infinity and beyond. 

When he's not cooking up content or deep in a client's Ad account, you'll find him at the gym, at a concert, or plotting an adventure overseas. 

Fun fact: Brennan once managed musicians, speaks 3 languages and could survive on butter chicken alone for all eternity.

Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison - School of Business.

Passions: Music, Bringing Business Ideas to Life, Financial Education for Young People, Travel.

Hobbies Outside Of Work: Going to Concerts/Festivals, Cooking Up Business Ideas with his friends, Workout Classes!