Modern Structure
  • Chiropractor & Functional Movement

    Project Wellness Company

    1. Generating 20-40 appointments per month from the new patient funnel

    2. First month generated 44 appointments in 2 weeks

    3. Increased social media engagement by 200% over 6 months

    4. Average cost-per-appointment of $48, average new patient value of $3,000

  • Brand / Retail Store


    1. Scaled from $2k/pm to $40k/pm using paid traffic on Facebook and Google

    2. 3.5x Average Return on Ad Spend

    3. Grew email list from ~500 to 7,000 subscribers

    4. Set up email automations to capture bottom-funnel customers, increase Average Order Value and customer retention rate

  • Clothing Brand

    Waggle Golf

    1. First month: increased sales by 400% and achieved all-time high sales month $75,000

    2. Average 4x Return on Ad Spend

    3. Generating over $25,000/mo from Facebook and Google

    4. Conversion rate of 2.5%

    5. Email open rates of 25%+ on average

  • Restaurant

    Forage Kitchen

    1. Generated over $20,000 in new orders from Facebook and Google Ads

    2. Average 6x Return on Ad spend

    3. Created online ordering platform that brings in an additional $20,000/mo in revenue

    4. Grew Instagram by 500 followers

    5. Increased FB post engagement by 300% using strategic advertising

  • Retail Store

    Quality CBD

    1. Gained 2,500 followers on Instagram in 3 months

    2. Grew email list from 0 to 1,200 subscribers

    3. Ranks #1 locally for CBD keywords

    4. site generates additional $30,000 in yearly ecommerce revenue

  • Clothing Brand

    The Phoenix Brand

    1. Grew Instagram over 800 new followers in just three months

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