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Pete THuli

Project Manager / Creative

Pete Thuli is an entrepreneur, an idea generator, and an explorer of uncharted territory, both in the world of business and in the world itself. 

Throughout his life, Pete has purposely immersed himself in different industries, including working in the fast-paced advertising world in New York City, creating and running a travel brand, marketing in the health and wellness industry, and being a part of a growing creative agency. This combination of experience has ultimately given Pete a competitive edge in fine-tuning marketing strategies for clients in each specific industry.

Pete’s a firm believer that each marketing campaign and strategy is meant to deliver a unique and valuable story to the consumer - let’s work together to find and tell your story.

Fun fact: Cultural Travel, Creating Meaningful Pieces of Work, Connecting People and Ideas, Helping Businesses Tell Their Story, Spreading Positivity.

Education: University of Wisconsin Eau- Claire - Entrepreneurship and Marketing Double Major

Passions: Music, Bringing Business Ideas to Life, Financial Education for Young People, Travel.

Hobbies Outside Of Work: Rock Climbing, Writing and Playing Music, Any Outdoor Adventure, Board Sports (Surfing, Snowboarding)