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Internal Company Podcasts:
Key Benefits & How to Get Started

More and more businesses are starting up internal company podcasts. 

We have experience producing professional podcasts that showcase your company and culture. Reach out to us to learn more.

Feeling the Disconnect? Internal Podcasts Can Bridge the Gap at Your Company


At Scotify Studios, we understand the challenges of keeping your workforce engaged and connected, especially in today's remote and hybrid work environments. Traditional communication methods like emails and video calls can feel impersonal and overwhelming. Let's face it, Zoom fatigue is a real thing!

Here's where internal podcasts come in. They offer a fresh, engaging way to reach your employees, fostering a strong sense of community and belonging, regardless of location.


Why Choose Internal Podcasts?

  • Boost Engagement: Internal podcasts go beyond the limitations of emails and instant messages, capturing attention and sparking interest in company news, training materials, and leadership insights.

  • Convenience on the Go: Employees can listen to podcasts on their commutes, during workouts, or even while catching up on household chores. It's communication that fits seamlessly into their busy lives.

  • Human Connection: Podcasts create a more personal connection with company leaders and colleagues. The power of voice fosters a sense of shared experience and understanding.

  • Culture Building: Internal podcasts are a fantastic platform to showcase your company culture, share employee stories, and celebrate successes.


Ready to Leverage the Power of Internal Podcasts?

Scotify Studios, San Diego's leading internal podcast production service, is here to help! We offer a range of customizable packages to suit your company's needs and budget. Contact us today and discover how internal podcasts can revolutionize your employee communication strategy!

Want to launch an internal podcast?

Deliver private audio to employees with ease. Control who has access to your episodes with a secure, invite-only podcast.

Pricing & Packages


Bronze Package: Starting at $3,000

Launch your internal podcast with a focused series. Clear host communication and basic audio enhancements keep it engaging.

  • 4-6 Episodes (20-30 minutes each): This provides a focused series to launch your internal podcast and test the waters.

  • Solo Host Format: A clear and engaging host delivers company updates, announcements, and key messages.

  • Basic Scriptwriting (Optional Add-on): Ensure a polished presentation for your host's content (additional fee).

Silver Package: Starting at $6,000

Go deeper with engaging interviews and custom music. Detailed show notes provide a valuable listening experience.

  • 8-12 Episodes (45-60 minutes each): This extended format allows for deeper exploration of company initiatives and employee stories.

  • Interview Format: Engage employees and leadership with captivating conversations featuring subject matter experts and company leaders.

  • Custom Music Composition (Theme Song & Background Music): Create a unique sonic identity for your podcast that reflects your brand.

  • Detailed Show Notes: Provide comprehensive summaries of each episode with key takeaways, timestamps, and potentially even links to resources mentioned.


Gold Package: Starting at $10,000

Elevate your internal communication with a dynamic format and professional sound design. Social media promotion maximizes employee engagement.

  • 12+ Episodes (Variable Length): Cater to diverse topics and departments with a flexible episode format.

  • Hybrid Format: Combine solo host segments with engaging interviews and compelling narratives for dynamic content.

  • Advanced Sound Design: Utilize sound effects, transitions, and dynamic music changes to create a professional and engaging audio experience.

Want to launch an internal podcast?

Deliver private audio to employees with ease. Control who has access to your episodes with a secure, invite-only podcast.

There are a variety of use cases for internal podcasts.


Training and development - create educational podcasts so employees can learn new skills.

Onboarding - make an evergreen podcast you can make available to every new employee you hire from now on. This is a good way to make content that’s usually really dry, like health and safety and GDPR, into something a bit more interesting. You can also use the podcast to give new hires an idea of the company culture they’re joining.


Keeping the CEO and employees connected - it’s easy for employees to feel completely disconnected from the higher ups in the company. Having the CEO host (or be a guest) on a private podcast can help break through some of the mystery around them. And your employees will feel more valued if you keep them feeling involved and connected even to those at the very top of the company.


Keeping your team up to date - use a regular podcast to keep your employees updated on the latest industry trends and developments.


Managing changes in your company - a podcast can keep employees in the loop about any changes happening within the company. Make sure everyone’s on the same page about what’s going on and whether they need to take any actions.

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