Serimi Kono


Serimi Kono is a social media & account manager, thriving in e-commerce through a play between creativity and strategy.


At the young age of 9, she found herself tinkering with Adobe Photoshop & CSS codes - skills that turned into expertise that came in handy when she previously worked in the public relations and events industry. Her versatility & ability to adapt in a fast-paced environment allowed her to take on a wide range of responsibilities including project management, social media management & content creation.


Flowing with her crafty spirit and creative mind, she is dedicated to developing innovative marketing & communication strategies that are one with the times. She is constantly learning new things in the ever-evolving field of digital marketing and is determined to continuously strive on improving her chosen craft. 

Fun fact: Serimi is half Japanese, has 6 tattoos, and a fur mom. 

Education: AMA OED - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management Information System.

Passions: Music, Travel, Fashion, and Food.

Hobbies Outside Of Work: Cooking, Going to the Beach, Collecting Plants, and a Newfound Love for Salsa Dancing