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Logic: The College Park Tour with special guest Juicy J

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Concert photography recap from the Petco Park, San Diego, CA show.

Photos by J. Scott Kunkel • @_scotify

With the release of his latest record, "College Park," Logic takes listeners back to his basement, where he embarked on his rap career. This album is a captivating musical journey, showcasing his lyrical prowess and reflective storytelling, inspiring listeners.

During Logic's 'The College Park Tour' in San Diego, CA, a standout moment was his remarkable ability to establish a personal connection with the crowd. He took a special moment to explore essential topics such as peace, love, and positivity, emphasizing the significance of mental health. This unique approach made a lasting impression on the audience, creating an unforgettable tour experience enriched with profound messages and meaningful conversations.

The tour featured Juicy J, a prominent member of the legendary hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia, who is known for his infectious energy and captivating stage presence. With his distinctive flow and charismatic personality, Juicy J has solidified his status as a dynamic rap artist and a driving force in the industry.

The two other artists that supported this show were also on the Bobby Boy Records Label, C Dot Castro and Travis Stacey. My favorite song/performance was Otherside which C Dot Castro wrote while serving time in prison.


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